Willcox PP-Lined and PTFE-Lined Composite Hoses C/W Screwed Ends and Flanged Ends
Type of Hoses: Oil/ Chemical/ LPG/ LNG
Working Pressure: 150 psi- 225 psi (Oil & Chemical)/ 350 psi (LPG & LNG)
Size: 1”- 10” (Oil & Chemical)/ 1”- 8” (LPG & LNG)

Willcox 塑料內層或(脫佛龍)內層覆合軟管(縲紋或法蘭連接)
軟管種類: / 化工/ 石油氣/ 天然氣
工作壓力: 150 psi- 225 psi (油及化工)/ 350 psi (石油氣或天然氣)
口徑: 1吋至10(油及化工)/ 1 - 8(石油氣或天然氣)

Gates Rubber Flexible Hoses
Type of Hoses: Multipurpose Oil/ Chemical/ Food/ Steam/ Offshore (Oilfield)
Working Pressure: 150 psi- 200 psi or unless specified
Size: 1” to 4” or unless specified

Gates 橡膠軟管
橡膠軟管種類: 多用途/ / 化工/ 食品/ 蒸氣/ 離岸(油田)
工作壓力: 150 psi- 200 psi 或除非特定
口徑: 1吋至4吋或除非特定 

Singaflex Stainless Steel Teflon-Lined or Non Teflon-Lined Flexible Hoses/ Expansion Joints/ Expansion Bellows
Working Pressure: 16, 25, 40 Bar or unless specified

Size: 1/8” – 12” or unless specified

不袗帶(脫佛龍)或不帶(脫佛龍)內層金層軟管, 膨脹節
工作壓力: 16, 25, 40 巴或除非特定
口徑: 1/8吋至12吋或除非特定 

OPW/ Evertite/
Taiwanese Quick Disconnect Couplings
Type of Couplings: A, E, F, Adaptors; B, C, D, Couplers
                                 DP Dust Plugs and DC Dust Caps
Coupling Mat’l: AL/ BR/ SS/ PP
Size: 1/2” to 6” or unless specified

OPW/ Evertite 及台灣製快速接頭
快速接頭種類: A, E, F 型公接頭; B, C, D 型母接頭; DP, DC 型防塵蓋
口徑: 1/2吋至6吋或除非特定  

Coupling Gaskets
Gasket Mat’l: Buna-N/ EPDM/ Viton/ Teflon
Size: 1/2” to 6” or unless specified
墊片材質: 耐油橡膠, 耐化工橡膠
口徑: 1/2吋至6吋或除非特定